We have been honored with over 200 awards for our work.

All of our work is rooted in the idea that the built environment should support the natural environment.

For over 40 years, Jones Studio has created unique and memorable architecture that is a direct expression of the values and culture of those who occupy it and of the community and place in which it stands. We believe that human ingenuity and creativity can shape our built environment for the better.

STRIVE: Jones Studio Adventures in Architecture

by Oscar Riera Ojeda (Editor), Marilu Knode (Introduction), Marlon Blackwell (Foreword)
STRIVE: Jones Studio Adventures in Architecture

STRIVE explores Jones Studio’s four decades of work bringing inventive design to our built environment. The firm samples from ancient global architecture and the pragmatics of the American School, from the realities of today’s climate change to nature’s healing truths, to create a unique modernism of place. Nature is a primary partner and collaborator in Jones Studio’s work. Firm founder Eddie Jones, brother Neal Jones and partners Brian Farling and Jacob Benyi express the preciousness of water and light in the Sonoran Desert and beyond. Water performs, literally and figuratively, across Jones Studio’s projects, bringing interior and exterior “desert gardens” to life.

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