27 May 2020

Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry begins construction

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Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry begins construction

The Otay Mesa Port of Entry has begun a $137.2 million construction project to expand pedestrian and commercial truck processing areas, Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. General Services Administration announced Tuesday. The project will double the pedestrian inspection facility lanes from six to 12 and increase the number of commercial inspection booths from […]

20 Apr 2020

Printing PPE to support healthcare staff fighting COVID-19

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Printing PPE to support healthcare staff fighting COVID-19

Over the past week our own Spencer Bates used our office 3D printer to create nearly 200 mask strap extenders, which today his wife brought into Banner University Medical Center – Phoenix, where she works. Since the staff has to wear masks all day, they end their shifts with pain and irritation at the back […]

4 Mar 2020

Eddie and Neal get back in the classroom

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Eddie and Neal get back in the classroom

Neal and Eddie Jones were invited by instructors Jack DeBartolo 3, FAIA, and Mark Ryan, AIA, of The Design School at Arizona State University to speak at their Professional Practice class on Monday evening. The brothers covered topics including what it takes to own your own firm, how you can have both distinguished architecture and […]


  • Eddie M. Jones

    Eddie M. Jones, AIA

    Principal (1979)


    Eddie founded Jones Studio on June 8, 1979, three months before his 30th birthday. Years later he realized the date coincided with the birthdays of his two major heroes, Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.

    - Eddie M. Jones
  • Neal E. Jones

    Neal E. Jones, AIA, LEED AP

    President  (1986)


    Neal joined his brother in 1986. His acute business acumen complemented Eddie’s design prowess, and their shared passion for architecture and hard work built Jones Studio into what it is today.

    - Neal E. Jones
  • Brian C. Farling

    Brian C. Farling, AIA

    Principal (1998)


    As Lead Designer for Jones Studio, Brian’s attention to detail and hard nosed work ethic is well known within the profession. His passion for sustainability in the desert has led him to pursue numerous environmental challenges.

    - Brian C. Farling
  • Jacob R. Benyi

    Jacob R. Benyi, AIA, LEED AP

    Principal (2003)


    Jacob’s renowned work ethic and commitment to projects is only matched by his dedication to environmentalism and the outdoors.  He is efficient and effective, and has become a respected guru on the job site.

    - Jacob R. Benyi
  • Robert Viergutz

    Robert Viergutz, RA

    Senior Associate (1998)


    Rob is a driven designer who found his passion in architecture after seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater. His attention to detail and years of experience benefit his projects and his coworkers.

    - Robert Viergutz
  • Maria Salenger

    Maria Salenger, AIA

    Senior Associate (2000)


    Outside of work Maria is involved with public art, the American Institute of Architects, the Arizona Women Principals Group, and is a regular Guest Juror for Arizona State University and University of Arizona.

    - Maria Salenger
  • Rob Huff

    Rob Huff

    Project Manager (2014)


    Growing up in a fabrication shop led Rob to have an early passion for efficient, functional design. He enjoys a hands on approach and lends invaluable fabrication experience and knowledge to the office and projects.

    - Rob Huff
  • Miles Foster

    Miles Foster, Associate AIA

    Project Designer (2018)


    Miles is an Arizona and Chandler native who joined the Jones Studio family after graduating summa cum laude from ASU. Miles has a passion for design in the desert and how our built environment can improve how we live in this unique climate.

    - Miles Foster
  • Shawn Swisher

    Shawn Swisher, AIA

    Project Architect and Designer (2018)


    Shawn was born and raised in Phoenix, then moved to the coast to receive his B.Arch from the University of Southern California. He traveled throughout western Europe upon graduation as part of a research fellowship, then earned a Master of Architecture from Berkeley, before returning to his home state to start a family and focus on practicing architecture.

    - Shawn Swisher
  • Kira Collins

    Kira Collins, Associate AIA

    Project Designer (2018)


    Kira is a Texas transplant who graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oklahoma before landing in Arizona looking for as much sunlight as possible. Kira believes design is an act of storytelling that looks to our past and then speaks of the future.

    - Kira Collins
  • Spencer Bates

    Spencer Bates

    Project Designer (2018)


    Spencer has honed his touch with materiality and enthusiasm for experimentation from adolescent renovations through architecture school. He brings to Jones Studio an experienced practicality with detail and multifaceted life experience, while possessing the Studio’s best facial hair.

    - Spencer Bates
  • Kirsten Keane

    Kirsten Keane, WELL AP and Associate AIA

    Director of Marketing (2019)


    Kirsten is a triple threat, bringing degrees in psychology, journalism, and a Master of Interior Architecture to her role as Director of all things Marketing at Jones Studio. Kirsten earned her WELL AP credential in 2017 and looks forward to working with other designers and clients eager to be at the forefront of the expanding wellness movement.

    - Kirsten Keane