We are an architecture, design, and public art studio in the heart of Arizona and the Sonoran Desert

Founded in 1979 from the spare bedroom of Eddie Jones, FAIA, Jones Studio has grown to become a leader of design excellence and sustainable practice in the American Southwest.

Jones Studio has cultivated a wide range of skills through decades of shared experience in varying project types. Throughout our history, we have worked on projects of every scale—from bus stops and private homes to law schools and land ports of entry—and always with the same conviction to design with open minds. We see our role not only as designers but also as stewards for our communities and our environment. Together with our clients, we explore the power of architecture to shape our world.

Jones Studio conference room
Lake Havasu City Environmental Learning Center kickoff workshop

Our process helps find what you’re looking for

Our work is driven by a proven design process that guides us in the creation of human-centric and environmentally responsive architecture.


At the beginning of each project, we meet with our clients, users, and other key stakeholders to gain insight into their goals and aspirations. We also visit the site and consider the unique possibilities presented by this new opportunity. With this baseline knowledge, we begin to frame our thinking on the project. Learning from our clients and the site, we absorb this information to ground our creativity


After compiling critical information, we analyze everything we know about the project to gain a deeper understanding of the potential as it relates to our clients’ needs. We also research the context of the project—the history of the place, users, and precedents—that is integral to shaping the design.


We find inspiration through our research and translate that energy into an exploration of solutions for the site and space. We weave sustainable design strategies into every design so as to be integral to the concept. Ideas become clearer with each iteration and reflection back on the project’s purpose. We balance the pragmatic with the poetic.


Through thoughtful discovery in collaboration with our clients, we develop a concept and refine the idea until it resonates throughout the project, from the largest site decisions to the smallest details. Everything is part of the story, told through the connections between humans, architecture, and the environment.

Jones Studio gathered at the conference table

Our story is over 40 years in the making

Jones Studio has thrived throughout our history because of our collaborative process and a shared vision for creating meaningful, timeless, and innovative work. As our studio evolves, we continue to foster within our practice the same curiosity, creativity, and generosity that forms our foundation.

Eddie Jones sketching

No other firm in my 40+ years of development work comes close in terms of passionate commitment to design with integrity. Jones Studio always sees the project from the vantage point of its future occupants.

Scott O’Connor, Principal,
SteepleRock Ventures

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