We have been honored with over 200 awards for our work.

All of our work is rooted in the idea that the built environment should support the natural environment.

For over 40 years, Jones Studio has created unique and memorable architecture that is a direct expression of the values and culture of those who occupy it and of the community and place in which it stands. We believe that human ingenuity and creativity can shape our built environment for the better.

2004 Best of 2004/2005 Design Awards (Southwest Contractor Magazine)

Southwest Contractor Magazine
South Mountain Community College Performing Arts Center
Best of 2004/2005 Design Awards - Editor's Choice Award
Award - Project

2004 Melvin R. Lohmann Medal (“OSU College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology”)

Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
Eddie Jones – Melvin R. Lohmann Medal
Melvin R. Lohmann Medal
Award - People

2014 34th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards (Arizona Forward)

Arizona Forward
Jones Studio Office
34th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards - 1st Annual Crescordia Award for Environmental Stewardship
Award - Project

2008 Merit Award (AIA Western Mountain Region)

AIA Western Mountain Region
UArizona College of Architecture Planning & Landscape Architecture (CAPLA) Expansion and Renovation
Merit Award
Award - Project

2008 SRP Sustainable Award (AIA Arizona)

AIA Arizona
ASU Polytechnic ISTB3
SRP Sustainable Award
Award - Project
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