River Legacy Living Science Center

Partnering people and environment


City of Arlington


Arlington, Texas


12,000 sq ft


Learning, Public, Cultural

Project Team

Recognized as the best environmental education center in the United States, at the time, the River Legacy Parks Living Science Center was a partnership between the City of Arlington Municipal Government including its Mayor and City’s Parks and Recreation Department. Its exhibits, programs, and activities encourage the appreciation of our natural resources, while emphasizing the importance of preservation and restoration for generations to come. The structure is an out growth of a children’s tree fort in the park’s forest that was discovered by Neal and Eddie Jones during their initial site visit.

“As architects, your visions and enthusiasm brought to life all the possibilities. Not only did you perceive all that a facility of this caliber could be, but you were able to deliver on every aspect of the design and on every shape of our collection imaginativeness. Thank you for a job superbly done.”

Richard E. Greene, Mayor

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