Logan Residence

Living in and within art


Scottsdale, Arizona


4,600 sq ft



Delivery Method


Project Team

“I want a place for my art collection – then I want to live there.”
– Kent Logan
Four galleries gather at the foothills of Pinnacle Peak to house one of the finest private collections of contemporary art in the world. What differentiates this private museum from any other is that between these galleries is the private residence of the Logans, their home a plinth to live among their art. Each bathed in different forms of diffused light, the galleries stitch into the hillside to frame the spaces of their daily lives.
Inside, an array of deep parabolic shafts structure the roof and evenly distribute the abundant desert sunlight throughout the first gallery. Suspended art panels and adjustable lights mount to the concrete grid between the shafts to accommodate the growing collection.

“This private residence/ museum, the achievement of renowned Phoenix-based modernist architects Jones Studio, Inc., is a classic example of the firm’s admirable attention to detail, deep knowledge of the delicate Sonoran Desert ecosystem, and keen desire to create intelligent architecture that stands the test of time.”

Bradley Wheeler,
Design Diffusion News

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