House of Five Dreams

Carving out the future of earth construction


Phoenix, Arizona


30,000 sq ft



Project Team

A pair of prolific art collectors desired to consolidate their Pre-Columbian collection from two locations across the country to one new project. Because their art had evolved from merely a hobby to a full-time profession, the couple decided to have their residence physically co-located but separated from the collection, thereby organizing their lives in a new way. Although the collection is private, scholars and exhibit curators visit often, pieces come and go regularly, and in general, their business is very similar to a standard museum. Therefore, the gallery would need to efficiently and beautifully store and display each piece, with inherent flexibility for growth and change.

“Our experience working with Jones Studio was pure joy. We appreciate the combination of creativity, receptivity to our concerns, responsiveness, practicality and integrity.”

Maxine Linde, Homeowner

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