CIW Enterprises Cornell | Cookson Manufacturing Facility

Shining a light on wellness and equity in the workplace


CIW Enterprises


Goodyear, Arizona


163,400 sq ft


Workplace, Resilience

Project Team

The concept of the design was to create a high performance building which reflects the quality and craftsmanship of Cookson products and to provide natural daylight and views of nature for everyone. Visual access to daylight and views was a request repeated often by the employees. Three landscaped employee courtyards are integral in meeting the project goals. Two are screened garden courtyards that bookend the north and south ends of the offices. The third, a 2,000 square foot landscaped interior courtyard, open to the sky, is centrally carved into the building where the offices and factory meet. This shared amenity carries natural light into both the offices and factory and serves as a shared indoor/outdoor conference room.

Employee courtyard is shared between the offices and manufacturing facility
Perforated metal surrounds the employee courtyard
Clerestory window bring daylight into manufacturing facility interior
Daylight from the clerestory window streams deep into the manufacturing facility
Perforated enclosure of exterior courtyard
A courtyard in the center of the building is shared between the offices and manufacturing side
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