6 June

Jones Studio at Greenbuild Los Angeles: October 2016

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We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at Greenbuild on the topic of western water consciousness. This year the program has expanded to create a focus day called “Waterbuild”. The info for our session is as follows: WS02: Be Water: an Architect & a Lawyer Channel Bruce Lee in L.A. Tuesday, October […]

6 June

Our New Home!

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As of April 1st 2016, Jones Studio has a new home in Tempe at 205 South Wilson Street. Natural ventilation, soft daylight, and a beautiful linear garden (irrigated by harvested rain and greywater) make for a peaceful new studio environment. Come visit!

8 March

U of A CAPLA Accreditation

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The National Architectural Accrediting Board visited the U of A College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture last week.  A few photos below portray a small portion of the extensive exhibit. Congratulations to the CAPLA Accreditation team for an incredible effort and a stellar review!


  • Eddie M. Jones

    Eddie M. Jones, AIA

    Principal (1979)


    Eddie founded Jones Studio on June 8, 1979, three months before his 30th birthday. Years later he realized the date coincided with the birthdays of his two major heroes, Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff.

  • Neal E. Jones

    Neal E. Jones, AIA, LEED AP

    President  (1986)


    Neal joined his brother in 1986. His acute business acumen complemented Eddie’s design prowess, and their shared passion for architecture and hard work built Jones Studio into what it is today.

  • Brian C. Farling

    Brian C. Farling, RA

    Lead Designer (1998)


    As Lead Designer for Jones Studio, Brian’s attention to detail and hard nosed work ethic is well known within the profession. His passion for sustainability in the desert has led him to pursue numerous environmental challenges.

  • Robert Viergutz

    Robert Viergutz

    Project Manager (1998)


    Rob is a driven designer who found his passion in architecture after seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater. His attention to detail and years of experience benefit his projects and his coworkers.

  • Maria Salenger

    Maria Salenger, AIA

    Project Architect (2000)


    Outside of work Maria is involved with public art, the American Institute of Architects, the Arizona Women Principals Group, and is a regular Guest Juror for Arizona State University and University of Arizona.

  • Jacob R. Benyi

    Jacob R. Benyi, LEED AP

    Project Architect (2003)


    Jacob’s renowned work ethic and commitment to projects is only matched by his dedication to environmentalism and the outdoors.  He is efficient and effective, and has become a respected guru on the job site.

  • Aaron J. Forbes

    Aaron J. Forbes, RA

    Project Architect (2003)


    Aaron is a passionate Architect with years of experience who splits his time between architecture and art.  His skill has been lent to numerous works of art including ‘Passages’ at the Mariposa Land Port of Entry.

  • Alex Gino

    Alex Gino

    Marketing Director (2013)


    Alex spent two decades in academia and practicing architecture before bringing her skills and experience to Jones Studio.  She has been instrumental in effectively promoting and efficiently streamlining the office.

  • Bill Osborne

    Bill Osborne, RA, NCARB, LEED AP

    Project Architect (2013)


    With 20 years of architectural consulting, Bill provides crucial support and experience to the office and his projects.  He is also an active member of the Urban Land Institute and the United States Green Building Council.

  • Eddie Curiel

    Eddie Curiel, LEED AP

    Project Manager (2014)


    As a seasoned designer, Eddie’s level headed work ethic and attention to detail brings efficiency to all his projects.  His knowledge in Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides additional experience to the office.

  • Robert Huff

    Robert Huff

    Intern Architect (2014)


    Growing up in fabrication shop led Rob to have an early passion for efficient, functional design. He enjoys a hands on approach and lends invaluable fabrication experience and knowledge to the office and projects.