JSI Verde River Float

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015

Living in Arizona always affords us the pleasure of experiencing nature in new and exciting ways. The Verde River, a few hours north of Phoenix, is one of these hidden natural gems. We were fortunate to escape the heat and a workday and kayak with the Verde River Institute and their witty and informative Executive Director Doug Von Gausig.

The Verde River is the only river left in Arizona that still flows for its entire length, and supports 2/3 of all lifeforms in Arizona and one of the rarest type of forests in North America. Unfortunately like many natural water resources in the desert, the Verde River is under threat from over use.  As we enjoyed the cool water and soft sun, Doug informed us on the impressive history and wildlife of the river, as well as proper use of the super-soaker.

The Verde River Institute, and other organizations like it, have dedicated their efforts to preserve the river and offer educational tours and excursions to the public.  For more information and how to support and participate visit their website: www.verderiverinstitute.org.