Rio Unido wins 2020 AIA WMR Unbuilt Award

Posted by on Oct 6, 2020
The Rio Unido tower as an iconic landmark for Phoenix

Remember our Rio Unido concept reimagining the Rio Salado riverbed? We’ve always thought it’s a winner, but now the AIA Western Mountain Region agrees! We are honored to receive the AIA WMR 2020 Citation Award for Planning – Unbuilt.

The Rio Salado riverbed is not only close to our homes (it’s just a mile from our office), it’s close to our hearts. We see so much potential for this area as a space to engage the community, to provide an iconic landmark for the city, to honor the local environment, and to celebrate water as a scarce resource in the Sonoran desert.

Rio Unido as a response to local water cycles

Thank you to the AIA WMR and to the jury for seeing the beauty and possibilities of Rio Unido.