17 Oct 2016

Zach Rawling and Alexander Malatesta win AIA AZ Award of Distinction for their part in saving the David Wright House

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  The property was neglected.  The building in disrepair. The new owner/developer saw easy profit in building new homes.  City permits were filed, processed and approved.  They took aim. Demolition was scheduled for a Monday morning in May, 2012.  The David and Gladys Wright House was to be no more. And yet the House still […]

8 Mar 2016

U of A CAPLA Accreditation

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The National Architectural Accrediting Board visited the U of A College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture last week.  A few photos below portray a small portion of the extensive exhibit. Congratulations to the CAPLA Accreditation team for an incredible effort and a stellar review!

9 Dec 2015

“Stop the Madness?”

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As an architect, I am predisposed to support cultural education especially when it has architectural significance. And, as an appointed member of the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission, I regularly advocate for public art programs. By selecting me for this commission, the mayor has explicitly encouraged such an advocacy. I embrace this role. Additionally, as […]