6 Jun 2016

Our New Home!

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As of April 1st 2016, Jones Studio has a new home in Tempe at 205 South Wilson Street. Natural ventilation, soft daylight, and a beautiful linear garden (irrigated by harvested rain and greywater) make for a peaceful new studio environment. Come visit!

8 Mar 2016

U of A CAPLA Accreditation

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The National Architectural Accrediting Board visited the U of A College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture last week.  A few photos below portray a small portion of the extensive exhibit. Congratulations to the CAPLA Accreditation team for an incredible effort and a stellar review!

7 Mar 2016

ACLS – three months to go until completion

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As of this week, we have 3 months left to Substantial Completion. Thought it would be cool to look back from the beginning to see all that’s happened in one short minute. Courtesy of DPR.