“Architecture Education” – Student Groups Tour Jones Studio Office During National Architecture Week

Posted by on Apr 24, 2019

This week is “National Architecture Week,” seven days set aside by the American Institute of Architects to hold an online celebration of all the ways architects and architecture is making our lives better. The topic for today is “Architecture Education,” and happens to coincide with a regular event here at Jones Studio—student groups touring the office. Today there were two in one morning!

Eddie gives an office tour.

Eddie hosted the first group, who traveled all the way from China to analyze and document Valley architects’ approaches to working with the Sonoran desert daylight, starting at Taliesin West. A big thank you to School of Architecture Director Chris Lasch for graciously recommending they come to see the office.

Neal Jones (far left) lectures to Taliesin students with Ron Geren’s (center back) “Professional Practice Management” class.

Neal Jones hosted the second group, eight students from the School of Architecture at Taliesin, here as a part of Professor Ron Geren’s “Professional Practice Management” class. Topics Neal covered included solving conventional design problems in an unconventional way, creating the story to “sell” your unconventional idea, how to break the rules when necessary to achieve a client’s goals, communicating with subcontractor trades on how to implement your unconventional design ideas, and negotiating architectural contracts in a positive and collaborative way.

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