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2015 | Phoenix, AZ | Public Art | 750 linear feet | $90,000

The residents and local business owners at 16th Street and Bethany Home Road seek to bolster the identity of their neighborhood in order to fight back against rising street violence. By focusing on place making, custom patterned crosswalks and sidewalk etching emphasize the philosophical ownership the community has taken over the public realm. Given a modest budget and desire to impact the intersection on a street-scape scale, the project uses what is virtually “paint” as a cost effective medium to make the necessary impact.

The art is a system that absorbs crosswalks, sidewalks, light poles, and bus stops with one aesthetic expression. The patterns developed for the installation are based on the site’s mid-century modern history, specifically from the local custom masonry block patterns and international textiles of the era, abstracted by the artist team to become patterns of today.