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Jones Studio is proud to sponsor “Some Assembly Required,” an international 5 film series on Architecture and design. The films were chosen for their stunning visuals, informative nature, and exploration of gentrification, feminism, religion, and nature. Jones Studio has sponsored “Architecture of Infinity,” which explores James Turell, Cristina Iglesias, Jojo Mayer, and ideas of sacredness and religious ownership.

The series is programmed by No Festival Required Executive Director Steve Weiss. It will be held at the Phoenix Center for the Arts in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. Tickets can be found through No Festival Required, and will be $9 advance, $12 at the door, $11 for students with ID.

Check out the films and their trailers below:


Wed October 30, 7pm

Sponsored By Butler Housing Company and Floor

“The documentary, FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf, immerses viewers in Oudolf’s work and takes us inside his creative process, from his beautifully abstract sketches, to theories on beauty, to the ecological implications of his ideas.”

“The documentary, FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf, immerses viewers in Oudolf’s work and takes us inside his creative process, from his beautifully abstract sketches, to theories on beauty, to the ecological implications of his ideas.”



Sunday Nov 17 1 pm

Sponsored By Jones Studio

“Schaub explores, together
with the architects Peter Zumthor, Peter Märkli and Alvaro Siza Vieira, the
artists James Turell and Cristina Iglesias and drummer virtuoso Jojo Mayer, the
magic of sacred spaces, defined here as far more than church buildings. Who
owns spirituality?”



Wednesday February 26, 7pm

Sponsored By The Davis Experience

A story about greed, politics and the land
grab of the century, ZIPPER chronicles the battle over an American cultural
icon. Small-time ride operator, Eddie Miranda, proudly operates a carnival
contraption called the Zipper in the heart of Coney Island’s gritty amusement
district. When his rented lot is snatched up by a real estate mogul, Eddie and
his ride become casualties of a power struggle between the developer and the
City of New York over the future of the world-famous destination. Be it an
affront to history or simply the path of progress, the spirit of Coney Island
is at stake. In an increasingly corporate landscape, where authenticity is
often sacrificed for economic growth, the Zipper may be just the beginning of
what is lost.



Sunday March 15, 1 pm (in conjunction with Modern
Phoenix Week)

Sponsored by Gould Evans

“City Dreamers offers a
glimpse into the careers of four trailblazing urban architects of the 20th
century: Phyllis Lambert, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander,
and Denise Scott Brown.

Through interviews, archival
footage, and drawings, City Dreamers celebrates the lives and careers
of these pioneering women of city planning and architecture, and the uphill battles
they faced in a male-dominated field.”



Sunday April 19, 1 pm

Sponsored By Shepley Bulfinch

“Biophilic Design is an innovative
way of designing the places where we live, work, and learn. We need nature in a
deep and fundamental fashion, but we have often designed our cities and suburbs
in ways that both degrade the environment and alienate us from nature….The
recent trend in green architecture has decreased the environmental impact of
the built environment, but it has accomplished little in the way of
reconnecting us to the natural world, the missing piece in the puzzle of
sustainable development.”

– at=39