5 December

Hurray for Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton!

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How the Mayor of Phoenix prepares to take on Trump  

30 November

ARCHITECT Magazine and Aaron Betsky on “Protectors of Architecture”

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It is rare for Arizona AIA to recognize any individual outside the profession for outstanding achievement in architecture.  Therefore, it is significant this year that the 2016 design jury chose to select not one but two separate “Awards of Distinction”. Although unknown to each other, the winners were recognized for their essential roles in preserving […]

17 October

Zach Rawling and Alexander Malatesta win AIA AZ Award of Distinction for their part in saving the David Wright House

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  The property was neglected.  The building in disrepair. The new owner/developer saw easy profit in building new homes.  City permits were filed, processed and approved.  They took aim. Demolition was scheduled for a Monday morning in May, 2012.  The David and Gladys Wright House was to be no more. And yet the House still […]